Jane The Temptress. [78 Mb : 11mins 53 secs]
I was over at my buddy's house fixing his sister's computer when I first met her. Jane and my friend (her brother) are roommates. The whole time I was there I was in her bedroom fixing her PC. She was flirting with me and making remarks about how she likes to see a man using tools. I felt real uncomfortable but managed to slip a camera in to her room. The next day I tuned in only to see that she found the camera and realized it was mine. I couldn't believe what happened, she gave me quite the show.

Through The Peephole. [78 Mb : 11mins 53 secs]
This may be obvious but, you can actually look both-ways through a peep hole. This is a classic example of when jerry-rigging one of my little cameras to a person's peep hole works out perfectly. The key is to find the apartment of somebody who is known for being very sexual and camp outside at a time you think he or she is likely to be doing something. It doesn't always work but this time it did and here's what I caught on camera.

From The Vent [78 Mb : 11mins 53 secs]
Here is some footage from a camera I managed to hide while trying to help a buddy of mine fix his air conditioning. As you can see, his girlfriend is quite the hotty. She parades around naked when she is alone alot, I think she is one of those girls who likes to pretend there are perverts watching her, looking at her hot, naked flesh.

Joe's Hot Cousin. [78 Mb : 11mins 53 secs]
Joe is an old friend of mine from college and last summer he got married to a wonderful girl. At the reception, I had spent some time talking to his Cousin, who I found rather attractive. Somehow in conversation it came up that I know a few things about computers and she invited me back to her apartment to check it out. She only lived a few blocks away and managed to convince me to go with her. I managed to fix her computer AND slip my camera in before I left.

Watching The Tenant. [78 Mb : 11mins 53 secs]
Recently my lease ran out at my old apartment, and I decided to hide a camera in it the day I moved out so I could film the new tenants. I found one of the hiding places I usually consider to be ideal and stashed my camera. Then, the tenant that leased it after me was this gorgeous girl, who regularly parades around the apartment naked. I just love to stare at her figure.

Late Night Peeping. [78 Mb : 11mins 53 secs]
Things had been quiet lately and so I decided to prowl around and see what I could find. I came across these two very sexy girls. Unfortunately the video isn't so clear because I was looking through a semi transparent curtain but you still can see pretty clearly what these girls are getting up to and trust me, you'd almost think they knew I was watching them by the things they were doing.

Getting Undressed. [78 Mb : 11mins 53 secs]
This is a hot little blond girl I managed to catch on a camera I had left in a friend's guest room. She had just taken a shower over at his house and I got the pleasure of watching this very sexy young woman towel dry her water-drenched body and then put on her very sexy lingerie. I really enjoyed watching this girl, she moves in a very graceful fashion.

Blinded By Lust. [78 Mb : 11mins 53 secs]
This is some of the hottest voyeur footage I have ever attained. I managed to peek in through a window while this girl fucked herself senseless. She must've been in heat or something because she fucked herself like a woman possessed. I think at one point she may have even noticed me, but she didn't seem to care. If anything, it just made her fuck herself harder.

Kinky In The Kitchen. [78 Mb : 11mins 53 secs]
Here is another camera I managed to fit in to my friend's kitchen. Now you may wonder, why would I fit a camera in her kitchen? Well the truth is, that I try to target people who like to be naked when they are at home, this is one such individual. She does practically everything naked when she is at home, and she is an absolute fucking treat to watch.